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Web site optimization, SEO and digital marketing tips for 2020. Web site optimization, SEO and digital marketing tips for 2020 by BlindDrop Design, a Cochrane Web Design & SEO service provider.

Why Is Optimization So Critical in Web Design in 2020?

For many businesses, the beginning of a New Year brings with it a new marketing plan. Whether you are a new or established business, it’s critical to have a plan in place for your web marketing efforts. This applies to an online store, small business or large corporation. Your plan will of course include strategies […]

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BlindDrop’s Design Services Are Among the Best in Canada

For more than 18 years, we have been providing design services to companies of all different sizes. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to become your one-stop shop for creative, graphic design, web development, SEO, photography, videography and other multimedia services. In addition to Cochrane and the area surrounding Calgary, we serve clients in […]

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Top 10 SEO Marketing Strategies for your Business

What is SEO and How Can It Help My Company? As a business owner, you need to at least be aware of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can affect your business’ success online. SEO is an industry to itself, as it involves all of the ways a brand can naturally (organically) gain visibility online without […]

What is the Best Responsive CSS Framework According to Web Developers?

Local Web Design in Calgary & Area: CSS Frameworks We came across this a great article about grid systems in relation to a CSS framework. This is a core area for designers as it can greatly streamline the users’ experiences of the Web site design across multiple platforms and screen resolutions. Responsive design is key to […]

A Review of 8 Responsive Web Design Trends

By Lucas D. Arnatt, Web designer When I started web designing back in the fall of 1997, “web patterns” were really just emerging and becoming established as the tried and true foundations of successful design. When I worked with a media company in 1999 in downtown Calgary, we focused on building scalable websites, meaning websites that would […]

The Theme of Location in Web Design

Web design covers the full gamut of elements that comprise a Web presence. One interesting theme that ties design together is location. Location, location, location – we hear this phrase ringing across the Web when talking about Web sites, especially when it comes to search engine optimization or advertising space. However, there is very little […]

Is SEO Actually Web Design?

Is SEO Actually Web Design? By Lucas Arnatt, Calgary Web Designer Most clients and designers alike tend to think that the first step of building a Web site is creating or choosing the graphic design and layout of the site, or perhaps planning the site using a flow chart or site map. But the first […]

The Essential Art of Logo Design

I will venture to say that anyone can create a logo. Now, since I am a logo designer, you might think this is a BB-gun shot to the foot (ouch.), but I cannot deny the truth. We are all creative, we all have artistic potential in some form or another, and I have to say […]

Calgary Web Hosting Recommendations

Calgary Web Hosting Recommendations Like most offerings on the Web, you can find Web hosting solutions for any budget, from free shared hosting to owning your own dedicated server rack in a datacenter. Obviously the range in cost echoes the range in services provided and since there are so many hosts and hosting reseller packages […]

The Temptation of DIY Web Design

When the seemingly inevitable point comes when your Calgary business cannot do without a website, when people wait with baited breathe and poised pen for your lips to start “double-u, double-u, double-u” or for those living in the fast lane “dub, dub, dub…” you may well be tempted to go the DIY route and whip […]

Turn Your Website into A Web Presence!

How Can You Turn a Website into A Web Presence? By Lucas Arnatt, Web Designer A website is, by definition, a singular online entity. It has a unique address, localized navigation, some kind of Web design surrounding the site content and is, for all intents and purposes, a standalone resource. The general practice of website […]

How to Prepare for Your Web Design Project

Is your company or organization starting the process of getting your Web site made by a professional Web design team? If your company is in Calgary, Alberta or elsewhere, you can help your Web design team, and your company, if you do a bit of preparation before you go seeking Web design quotes and buying […]

What Is the True Definition of a “Custom Web Design”?

By Lucas Arnatt, Web Designer You’ll see this phrase all over the Internet when searching for Web site development, whether in Calgary or around the world, the term “custom” web design has itself become incredibly diluted in its meaning. While I don’t like to be pedantic with words, advertising can quickly gloss over a true […]

Calgary Web Design Company, BlindDrop Design

Are you a business or organization looking for a Calgary Web design team? A professional web design for your Calgary business will provide you with many advantages over competitors who still do not yet have a website, or have a website designed but have not updated it enough. It is true that a Web site […]

Calgary Web Design & Usability Issues

1. First Impressions Studies have shown that the human eye generally reads a webpage in an “F” pattern, from top left to right. Therefore, the hottest real estate on your business website is the top left area. Post your essential information there, especially your corporate logo. Overall, your website needs to create a great first […]

Bring E-commerce to your Website

How to Turn Your Static Web Design into an e-commerce website. Do you have a static website, that is basically an online brochure?   Perhaps your website was made by a Calgary Web design firm (or another web design company from around the world) , you might be asking yourself how you can make some […]

11 Advantages of Web Revitalization

Is your website ready for rebuilding? Sure, a few years ago your website had all the bells and whistles that your Calgary Web designer could offer. But now, the site is beginning to show its age. The Internet lives in dog years more than it does in human years, things change quickly, evolution and revolution […]

Five Key Ways to Market Your Calgary Business

Here are five fundamental ways to market your business on the web and on the street: 1. Get properly branded – getting a professional logo design is a great start, but it is also critical to plan your branding, which is based on the customer experience and how your company is interpreted by the customer […]

Top 5 Marketing Tips for your Calgary Website

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Tips for your Web Presence Here we are entering the second decade of the new millennium. The Internet and the World Wide Web keep building and are continually more influential in our business and personal lives. With the advent of “smart phones” and “net books” that allow for […]