BlindDrop Design Inc. understands the importance of relevant, well-written  web content that is easy to read for human visitors and search engine robots. To this end, we are experts in writing web content, providing editing and revision services as part of our web development cycle, or as a separate writing service. We take care to make sure your Web content is written so it is easily indexed by search engines and this includes embedding proven search terms and keywords within each page.

Good content informs and promotes; great content connects and delivers.

Good web content has always been a staple of the web content management, and now, with the force delivered by such social media services as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, plus search engines’ requirements for fresh, relevant copy, an entrepreneur or business owner cannot deny the need for their web marketing and promotion to have a consistent, professional message across all of their media. Our copywriters can help your Calgary company create the core marketing material for your ad campaign or website and then revise that material for other avenues, such as social media or print advertising.
With so many avenues for marketing and communication available to promote your business, we can help coordinate your company’s written communications to ensure consistency of message regardless of which method is used.

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We work closely with our clients to ensure their message is
well-crafted and concise.

From ad copy to informative literature, we can provide the great content you need!