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Our initial design meeting allows us to provide clients with a definitive plan for their media development. We create a plan by reviewing your past efforts, your current needs and future goals and merge this plan with the latest media technologies to make sure your presence is seen, read and heard. We improve on your existing communications channels and introduce new media to maximize your presence and message.


More than a logo, our team will create a new or revitalized identity for your company, organization or personage. Our Corporate Identity package ensures you get a professional, unique and iconic design that extends well beyond a logo. Our identity services are key to defining a brand that will transfer seamlessly across print, Web, multimedia, signage and apparel.

Content Strategy & Development

Calgary Design CompanyWith so many channels for communication and with the emergence of social media, it is critical that all communications are consistent in their message. Content written for a brochure is not the same as the content written for a website, however, it is important that the core message and tone remain consistent. Copy writing is very often the paradox of “less is more” that concise, powerful writing can take more time to create than drawn out paragraphs of content that say very little. Our copywriters are well-versed in creating written content for all of your media channels; content that is consistent in message yet tailored to be most effective for its media. An example of this would be revising print content for the Web by integrating Search Engine Optimization keywords and search terms to ensure the best organic search results possible, while keeping the content reader-friendly.

Media Development

BlindDrop Design produces the highest quality media for graphic design, Web design, photography and video.

E-Commerce Solutions

With experience ranging from complex e-commerce sites for large companies to out-of-the-box e-commerce implementations for smaller companies, BlindDrop can help you determine which feature set you will need, and help you find the ideal solution for your e-commerce site.

Customer Relationship Marketing & Loyalty

Getting new customers is only half the battle – maintaining strong relationships with your customers will help you achieve more success. BlindDrop can help you build loyalty programs and market to your existing customers.

Competitive Analysis

BlindDrop can help you analyze your current messaging in comparison to your competitors. Finding out what areas you excel at and what areas you could use help in will help us create a solid marketing plan for your business.

Audience Research & Usability

Understanding your audience is an important part in creating a marketing strategy. Knowing who your customers are and what makes them tick can reveal new strategies in reaching them. A strong understanding of usability best practices allows us to create solutions that will not only build your brand but will work as well.

Market Trend Analysis

Understanding where the market is going is important to keep your brand current. BlindDrop Design can help you stay ahead of the curve by analyzing market trends for your industry.