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Vehicle Signage – AutoSteam Mobile Car Wash, Calgary Alberta

Calgary vehicle signage layout and car wrap installations - AutoSteam van

BlindDrop worked with Cochrane Sign and Design to provide the vehicle signage for AutoSteam Mobile Car Wash.

Having your truck or car display your business brand is an easy and effective way to ensure greater exposure for your company within your local market. This type of advertising is perfect for all sizes of businesses, especially home-based or mobile business models. We provide you with a custom mock up of your decals on your vehicle or vehicles. In this manner we can make sure that your vehicle signage is inline with your overall brand and message.

Some critical areas of concern with vehicle decals and wraps are making sure that your logo and key information such as contact phone and web address are clearly visible to other drivers and are easy enough to read from a good distance. Also, keeping this key information above the splash line of the vehicle will help to keep the information readable even when the vehicle is dirty.

Vehicle decals and wraps can really make your company’s image stand out and put you in front of your local target market with no extra effort! When you are visiting a customer in your local area, many others will be exposed to your brand and the fact that your customer’s neighbours are using your services will give your company’s image an immediate boost. It’s like an instant endorsement or review for your company.

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