Choose a Calgary Web hosting company you can trust with your WordPress website and blog.
WordPress is the world’s leading website software, but without the right hosting solution, it can be prone to errors and hacking incidents that can quickly bring a website down.

We’ve been hosting our client’s sites since 2003. We understand your business needs not only an effective web design, but that your site’s software and database are secure, backed up and continuously upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.

Your business website is key to your company’s visibility online and is the hub for your marketing efforts, social media channels, local lead generation and plain old information sharing. If your site is hacked or not reachable by search engines due to downtime, your business will suffer consequences and lose its level of authority and trust that you have worked hard to establish.

If left unmonitored, a hacked site can be dropped completely from Google’s search results, so your company becomes invisibile online. Not good.

You are busy enough running your business than having to worry about constant upgrades to the WordPress software, impending hacking attempts and wondering if your site is safe and secure.

We offer Managed WordPress Hosting, which is quickly becoming the “go-to” hosting solution for WordPress website owners who want a solution that doesn’t leave them feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and uncertain about the health of their website.

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What Advanages Does Managed Hosting Have Over Standard Hosting?

Security – our world-class servers ensure that your site is continuously monitored and ongoing anti-hacking measures are implemented as needed.

SFTP – this is Secure File Transfer Protocol, in which files are encrypted during transmission, far safer than regular FTP used by most hosting companies.

Software updates & Daily Backups – We make sure that your WordPress website’s core software is kept up-to-date and that it is backed up daily. You can also create a manual backup that you can download to your own computer. This can be useful before making new additions to your WordPress site or if you’d just like to have an off-site version for further peace of mind.

Speed – Our servers are optimized and not overloaded like other reseller web hosting services. We also use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to further speed up the delivery of your website files around the world.

Web Hosting & SEO

Web hosting has ever increasingly become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a science unto itself and has become ever more challenging and complex with the advent of database-driven websites, like WordPress sites, social media and mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. Server speed and page load time is a critical aspect of SEO as Google prefers to rank faster loading websites above slower ones, as this is an obvious factor in providing a good user experience. Managed Web Hosting wins hands down over regular hosting that leaves a disconnect between your site and the hosting partner; a managed solution provides the strongest connection between your website, the server, the search engines and your target audience.

If you’d like to know more about our Managed WordPress Web Hosting for our Calgary & Area clients, please contact us.