Google has just unveiled their new logo, a sans-serif version that also has slightly altered tones of the for iconic colours that have been part of Google’s brand since it’s infancy. This is a significant shift in their branding and is arguably the biggest redesign this millenium for the tech giant.

Google updates logo with sans-serif font and new branding icons for better cross-platform representation on phones and tablets.

Check out Google’s cleverly simple animation of the cartoon arm erasing the old logo and introducing the new dots, G and finally the full logo. See the animation and logo on

Google’s strength is in its unyielding ability to change and set the standards in search and other tech applications.

Google notes in its blog post that with the revolution of mobile platforms, the updated branding will reflect Google’s desire to help you “whenever and whereever you need it, whether it’s on your mobile phone, TV, watch, the dashboard in your car, and yes, even a desktop!”

The blue “g” icon will be no longer, the blog post states, with the 4 color “G” taking the reigns instead.

Now comes the fun part of updating all of our social icons! 🙂

Check out the official blog post here: 

You can also watch the many changes of Google’s brand in this video: