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Are you a business or organization looking for a Calgary Web design team? A professional web design for your Calgary business will provide you with many advantages over competitors who still do not yet have a website, or have a website designed but have not updated it enough. It is true that a Web site can become a detriment to your company if you do not keep the content updated and play a proactive role in its development. So, beyond the initial web site development, you will need to consider that getting the site live is really the first step. It takes ongoing effort to keep your site updated, to make sure it is appearing properly and successfully in the top major search engines and that the site’s integrity remains intact through browser updates and server upgrades. Even beyond the Web, you must consider how to properly advertise and promote your Web site to your local audience in Calgary Alberta.

So, as a Calgary Web designer, I ask the question – Do you even need a professional Web design company at all? There are many free tools and resources online for you to learn and use to create your own site. If you’re willing to take on the onus of the time and effort to learn the software, contact support boards and forums, read instruction documents, learn proper search engine optimization – basically how to become a lightweight Web developer yourself – then these resources will help you. You do not have to learn code with some DIY web tools, but you will still have to learn what Web developers and SEO specialists learn, on an ongoing basis, since the Internet’s playing field changes and evolves along with coding standards, browser makes and versions, hosting requirements, domain name releases and general advances and trends such as social networking and mobile usage.

“Web Design” can easily become an ambiguous term for developing a Web site. A professional Web designer does far more than design the site. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Design & Build” well, a true Calgary Web design team will  “Design, Build, Promote and Expand” your Web presence and should readily look at how your offline efforts match your online efforts. Design envelops the look, function, performance and success of your Web presence – Web design should never stop at just being something pretty to look at. It’s purpose needs to be deeper.

In another article I wrote about how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can actually be seen as Web Design, to show how integrated their goals are for a Web presence. So when you are looking for a Calgary Web designer make sure they can support you in the other areas of hosting, domain management, marketing (online & offline), can provide an ongoing service to keep your site easily found and help you expand the Web presence as you need.

If you are a business or organization in the Calgary AB area, it would definitely be an advantage, if not a prerequisite for you to find a local Design team to help you achieve your goals and coordinate your graphic design with your Web presence and online campaigns. You can consider your Web design budget as at least a three year investment, maybe even five years if your site is built and expanded properly.

In the end, you will need to find a Web development team that you are most comfortable to work with, a team that is focused on the key areas of making your site a success…not just making your site, period.

If you are looking for a proactive and multi-faceted design team, take a look at BlindDrop’s testimonials and featured client list, and if you are interested, please contact us via our Request form for a free quote on your Calgary Web design project.