Calgary interior designBlindDrop Design Inc. offers interior design services for businesses and organizations in the Cochrane and Calgary Area.  As a natural extension of the branding process, our client’s office space or retail space is critical to how their customers and clients connect with them. A creatively designed space allows for a deeper level of interaction with, and impression on, the visitors and workers who share that space. We go beyond the superficial look of a room and take a multi-disciplined approach to the functional effectiveness of each room, and to a larger degree, the entire building if necessary.

Please contact BlindDrop Design if you are considering the following interior design services:

  • Interior Design
  • Theme Design
  • Architectural Design

If you are considering a new corporate identity, or a re-branding of an existing business, remember that branding extends far beyond a new logo. Consider where key interactions take place for your company and focus on consistency of service, media and environment. BlindDrop Design Inc. works with you to produce a cohesive brand, at all levels of customer experience.

Your workplace may have hidden potential within its walls! Imagine an office space that is revitalized, inviting and, most of all, memorable; a place that instills your company’s core beliefs and attitude.