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Turn Your Website into A Web Presence!

How Can You Turn a Website into A Web Presence? By Lucas Arnatt, Web Designer A website is, by definition, a singular online entity. It has a unique address, localized navigation, some kind of Web design surrounding the site content and is, for all intents and purposes, a standalone resource. The general practice of website […]

What Is the True Definition of a “Custom Web Design”?

By Lucas Arnatt, Web Designer You’ll see this phrase all over the Internet when searching for Web site development, whether in Calgary or around the world, the term “custom” web design has itself become incredibly diluted in its meaning. While I don’t like to be pedantic with words, advertising can quickly gloss over a true […]

Calgary Web Design & Usability Issues

1. First Impressions Studies have shown that the human eye generally reads a webpage in an “F” pattern, from top left to right. Therefore, the hottest real estate on your business website is the top left area. Post your essential information there, especially your corporate logo. Overall, your website needs to create a great first […]

Bring E-commerce to your Website

How to Turn Your Static Web Design into an e-commerce website. Do you have a static website, that is basically an online brochure?   Perhaps your website was made by a Calgary Web design firm (or another web design company from around the world) , you might be asking yourself how you can make some […]